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Frequently Asked Questions

More questions and anwsers will be added over time.

What clay material do you use to make miniatures?

I am using three different brands of Polymer Clay, which are: Cernit, FIMO soft, Sculpey Premo.

Where do you get your materials & tools?

I get my clay from various craft stores in Finland (where I live). Polymer Clay is available worldwide in hobby stores and also online shops. I am not sponsored by any company, nor do I get any of my craft materials for free.

What knife do you use?

A craft knife. I think it is called a exacto knife.

What camera do you use to film your tutorials & sculptures?

I have two cameras. My old & small camera Olympus u1010 is the one I used in my old tutorials. In my latest tutorials I use Canon Powershot SX1IS.

Where do you get the plates etc. for your miniature cakes?

I get miniature dollhouse plates from local craft stores or from various sellers from etsy.com

Why don't you ever talk in your videos?

I sometimes do talk in my videos, but not in every single once. Why? I feel that I can consentrate more on what I am doing when I don't have to talk at the same time. English is not my first language, so it does not come as naturally and fluently as, well, speaking finnish.

Can you make a tutorial of ... ?

Maybe. I love receiving suggestions on what I should do next. Feel free to send me a message/comment on YouTube or elsewhere if you have an idea for me.

How long have you been making polymer clay sculptures?

I started in the spring of 2006. Before that I had been making household items and ornaments out of real clay, for fun.

Why is your YouTube username "Gentlemanbunny"?

Ohh... get ready for a long story. When I begun making things out of polymer clay, I had bought only two blocks of clay (one pink, one white). Because it was around easter time I wanted to make a bunny. After that I made a cat. After that I got bored of having only two colors, so I bought some black clay. Out of white and black Cernit I made a "chibi" version out of Tim Burton's famous character Skellington Jack. I named my version of the character Gentleman Jack, because I made him a little charlie chaplin tophat out of pink clay. So, bunnies and gentleman jack were sort of the very first items I ever made out of polymer clay, hense the youtube username.

How do you keep your white clay white/dirt free?

First of all you need to have clean (washed) hands, clean tools and clean surface to work on. I usually use a piece of A4 white printing paper to work on, which I afterwards throw away. When working with red or black clay, for example, you can see how the paper gets colored pretty easily by the clay. When making sculptures I always start working with the lightest color, and make the darkest parts last. Also, before doing anything, I take a tiny amount of the white clay and roll it around in my hands. Most of the dirt from my (washed!) hands gets stuck to it. Now I can take a large amount of white clay and start working on my sculpture - without ruining that large amount of clay with dirt. Though, even these methods don't always help. It's difficult to keep the clay 100% clean.

Have you applied for YouTube partnership?

Nope. Unfortunately it is currently not available for me, as I live in Finland.