"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." -Pablo Picasso


The person behind the art & tutorials

Hello! My name is Päivi, though you might know we by the names of Gentlemanbunny or Shiri here in the online world. As a kid one of my favorite thing to do was to go to a craft store with mom. It was usually easter, christmas or some other holiday time when we went and bought some materials for holiday crafting. As I grew up I begun going to a local youth centre where I learned how to make pottery and silverwork. After I became an "adult with such a busy life with no time for a hobby" I felt like something was missing... and so one spring I made a trip to a craft store and found out about Polymer Clay. I was over the moon to find a material that was so much like real clay. Ever since 2006, I have been making polymer clay miniatures - ornaments and jewelry.

For me making polymer clay items is a way to relax. I usually submitted by work to my deviantArt gallery. After some time I received comments from people asking how the sculptures were made. As english is not my first language it was really difficult for me to explain it via writing. So, I submitted some videos on YouTube. It started slowly but soon enough I was hooked and was posting a new tutorial almost weekly. It has been fun to share what I've learned with others, and also receive feedback, tips & ideas from other crafters!


All tutorials available at YouTube

All my tutorials can be found at my YouTube channel. However, here's some of my personal favorites.

Black Forest Cherry Cake T.O.P Hatsune Miku Strawberry Cake Swedish Princess Cake Melonpan Cinnamon Buns Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Berry Cheesecake

Contact/Find Me

To keep track of my craftlife check out my craft related websites by clicking the Follow Me links on the sidebar and follow me on twitter & instagram (username: theshiri). You may also contact me via e-mail: shiri[AT]mishibu.com